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What is Design

Design is a framework for developing and iterating human centered value proposition. This guide contains the definition of design and the associated design team. This definition consists of Design’s roles, events, artifacts, and the rules that bind them together. 

To produce digital products and services, the Design's framework is complementary to the Scrum's framework. 

After 20 years of heavy digitalisation, it becomes business critical to re-humanize the relationship between organizations and its users. It is the purpose of this Design's framework.


A common framework

Easier internal interaction

In business all can refer to the same roles, events and artefacts to run squads, think tanks, innovation or transformation teams.

Specially between business and IT to minimize the risks when transferring a VP to develop.

Business in lead

Evolving users' needs

It helps the business to take the lead in creating and validating the Value Proposition (VP).

It enables the business to continuously adapt their VP to the evolving users' needs. 

About the initiator of the Design Guides

A practitionner

of agile & iterative methods

Remi Edart is a 'transformation catalyst' and an entrepreneur. He has been helping hundreds of team to innovate and transform their environment . He has been working 20 years in anglo-saxons countries in the ecosystem of high tech and digital startups. He started 4 companies and helped many high tech and digital startups.

He leads today the to help accelerating this human centered transformation of organizations, focused on the user, the client, the collaborator, the citizen or the student. According to him, working at the team level is key for a successful transformation. The team invites each of its member to change his/her way to interact. He is a coach of design teams, squads, innovation & transformation teams and management teams. He is also a speaker.

The design thinking mindset is what this world needs : to become human centered. 

Remi Edart

Founder of

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